Support and consultancy

Comprehensive on-site and remote support solutions. No limitations on manufacturer/device/network - if we can support it, we will!. With 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience over 4 sectors (Education, Local Government, Small Business, Global Corporate), Two Up IT inherits an impressive resume. We think in 1's and 0's, but we speak plain English.

Beyond Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Hosting, we have a wealth of experience in Office and Data Centre Relocations, New Site commissioning, Team Leading, Mentoring and Training. We can also provide assistance and support in recovering failing departments; many issues "creep in", leading to service and resource sprawl.

As well as being hideously inneficient financially, it is also likely having a hidden impact in terms of time / human resource. Cumulatively, this makes issues more difficult to deal with at the first line, causing IT Support to fail. Users become upset, and before you know it there's a mini-war going on and a "them and us" mentality sets in. We help break that cycle by analysing your current resources and satisfaction levels. Once we've established that, we will work with you to identify key areas for improvement and provide one-on-one and team coaching with your IT Team to achieve these targets. Not only could we save you money, our services are more reasonably priced than you may think!

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Infrastructure and hosting

Physical or Virtual infrastructure solutions and support. Website hosting, Mail Hosting, Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions. We are experts in minimum downtime Data Centre relocation and Virtualisation.

We also have a range of low-cost fixed-price solutions for small and micro businesses (our "Mercury Hosting" product). Products in our Mercury range also come with a "Year 2 Price Renewal Gusrantee". When you sign up, we will tell you what your renewal cost will be in 12 Months time - allowing you to budget your IT expenditure well in advance. If your requirements are likely to change before your renewal, we will advise you when this becomes the case. allowing you to grow your infrastructure with your business.

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Security and Remote Working

Security is, understandably, one of the biggest concerns in IT today. To operate effectively online, you have to find a balance between the service you offer, and keeping any required information secure. This can become even harder when you have a mobile workforce (whether it's just you, or you have a team of workers), it can seem impossible to balance the needs of your workers and the security of your data. This should never be the case - there should be no compromise on accessibility or security.

As well as building secure remote working environments, we can assess your services for any potential vulnerabilities. We can provide passive "Vulnerability Assessments", through to active "Infrastructure Attacks". All security services are provided on an Ethical Basis only. We cannot test services and infrastructure of your friends or competitors, nor would we disclose any vulnerability we discover in your service to anyone else.

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We have a range of hosting solutions to suit any need. We have over 20 years of experience Designing, Building and Supporting Web, Mail and Hosting infrastructure within Small Business, Local Government, Education and Global Service environments.

Web hosting

Whether you only need a small amount of space on a shared server, or a fully load balanced auto-scaling application infrastructure, we have your Web Hosting needs covered.

We also have a number of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions which can be combined with our Hosting packages. We have some low-cost hosting options for Micro- Small-, and Startup Companies, as well as Community Interest Companies and Charitable Organisations.


Mail Hosting

Enjoy the benefits of having your own personal e-mail service! We can provide solutions ranging from hosting your domain name's mail on our shared-service mail hosting (using our Webmail service), through to resilient Active/Backup services with Spam and Virus scanning. We also provide EU directive compliant mailing list services.

Domain Management

Your domain name is your site's online identity. Forgetting to renew can be a costly, yet easily made mistake. This could be made worse by a competitor taking advantage and snapping up your name, redirecting traffic to their own site.

With our Domain Management services, we take over management of your domain name for you. You still own it, but we keep on top of your registration for you. We keep your domain secure, handle renewals and manage your domain records. Where you have an e-mail service, we can also provide full DKIM and SPF support to help you retain your domain name's e-mail reputation.


We have a range of fully licenced website templates to help you get started. These are high quality HTML5 sites which are then customised for your company - they are not "Identikit" type sites, which you may have seen elsewhere.

We can also provide a custom design service for Digital or Print formats (Logos, Business Stationery, Brochures, Posters, Banners). We also have access to extremely competetive pricing for your print output needs.

Software as a Service (Saas)

Open Source SaaS solutions enable you to use Enterprise level tools and Software to run your business, without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure. We currently offer 4 SaaS solutions, covering Content Management, Finance, E-Commerce and Website Analytics.

invoiceplane (Invoicing and quotation; financial management)

InvoicePlane is a free and open source invoicing application. It is suitable for freelancers, self-employed workers and small to medium sized companies who need a reliable and easy to use invoicing system but who can't afford expensive software.

Opencart (E-Commerce)

Opencart is a free and open source online shop system. It is suitable for any business in need of an online shopping solution. Opencart is highly expandable and can include point-of-sale systems if you also have a physical shop. No more need to update multiple systems - Opencart can be configured to alert on low-stock - configureable per item.

piwik (Website Analytics)

Piwik is a free and open source web analytics system. It is highly powerful, and can provide valuable insight into how your website is being used. You can easily monitor the popularity of products or pages and adjust your site to optimise the visitors experience. The system is highly configurable and built with privacy in mind. Piwik is compliant with EU privacy law and can be further configured to meet local regulations.

Wordpress (Content management / Blogging)

Wordpress is a Free and Open Source Blogging and Content Management System. Ideal for content creators, and easily leveraged alongside your Social Media presence. Wordpress allows you to take full control over your content, without the clutter and peripheral adverts (which don't generate any revenue for you) on Social Media sites.